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About our Studio

Our philosophy to stay our fittest is constant cross training.  This means each barre workout is unique, there are threads of movements that you'll recognize and love to chisel all of your target areas, but then we'll throw in a great muscle confusing surprise in some classes to keep your body ever slimming & changing the more you come.  Some of our classes include Hot Booty (heated barre), Barre Cardio (fast paced sweat!), Stability Ball Barre (balance & core galore) ~~ and more.

Our instructors are trained not only in Barre modalities (CoreBarre, Booty Barre & Ballet), but are also certified Personal Trainers, Pilates instructors, Spinning & Bootcamp trainers.  The workouts at Bellevue Barre according to clients "are the best they've ever had ~ always different, and always guarantee an amazing workout!"

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